Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Malizia oggi / Malizia ma / Sarısın Bomba (1990)

File info:
Categories: Explicit Erotic Comedy Drama
Runtime: 01;31;57
Countries: Italy
Languages (2 audio tracks): 1. Russian (VO) | 2. Italian
Directors: Sergio Bergonzelli
Cast: Valentine Demy, Antonio Marsina, Debora Cali

Michel knows Luna, an aspiring dancer, and it is love at first sight. But the boy is also attracted by her mother, which gives more time to the advances of the young. Luna, once discovered everything, despairs and runs away. Then, in revenge, he grants the father of Michel, her choreographer. Eventually, though, Michel manages to win her back.

Video: DVDRip, MKV, AVC, H.264, 720x540, 1500 kb/s
Audio (2 audio tracks): 1. RU. (AC-3, 2 ch, 192 kb/s) | 2. IT. (AAC, 2 ch, 128 kb/s)
Size: 1,16 GB

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