Monday, July 29, 2019

実録不良少女 姦 / Jitsuroku furyo shoujo: Kan / The True Story of a Delinquent Girl (1977)

File info:
Categories: Explicit Erotic Pinku Crime
Runtime: 01;17;07
Countries: Japan
Languages: Japanese
Directors: Toshiya Fujita
Cast: Tayori Hinatsu, Yuya Uchida, Ittoku Kishibe

After having dropped out of school and given birth at age 16, Mako has little choice but to move in with the baby’s deadbeat father. Struggling to make ends meet by working at a bar and in constant conflict with her conservative parents, Mako has to find her way in a harsh world.

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Video: DVDRip, MKV, AVC, H.264, 716x274, 1375 kb/s
Audio: AC-3, 2 ch, 224 kb/s
Size: 900 MB

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