Sunday, November 11, 2018

바람난 아내들 / Wannabe Wives / Romantic Wife (2018)

File info:
Categories: Explicit Erotic Romance Drama
Runtime: 01;06;51
Countries: South Korea
Languages: Korean
Directors: Zhang Du Bay
Cast: Han Seok-bong, Jin Si-ah, Lee Chae-dam

Min-soo, who has been fighting with her husband and divorced, has come to the house of So-Yeon, and she is going to see her boyfriend, Joon-seok. Min- young's brother Dong-wook entered the house. Min - su looks at Dong - wook 's face and gives a pack. Two people sleeping. When Dong-wook first touched Min Seo's heart, Min-sae wakes up and heats Dong-wook...

Video: WEBRip, MKV, AVC, H.264, 720x400, 1010 kb/s
Audio: AAC, 2 ch, 128 kb/s
Size: 480 MB

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