Wednesday, November 14, 2018

けっこう仮面 / Kekko Kamen / Kekkou Kamen / Mask of Kekkou / Kekko Kamen New (2004)

File info:
Categories: Pinku Adventure Comedy Action
Runtime: 01;09;32
Countries: Japan
Languages: Japanese
Directors: Takafumi Nagamine
Cast: Nao Eguchi, Kie Ikuta, Juri Inahara

A school that teaches young boys and girls how to become famous anchorpeople in the media. But there is something strange going in this school. The facility takes a sick pride in handing our S & M style punishments to students for the most trivial things. But there is one among them, a hero that hides her face but bares everything else in the name of justice. Her name is Kekko Kamen, all know the legend of how Kekko Kamen defeated the evil Mangriffin in a local high school, but now she's back and out to stop the evil twisted fiends once again.

Video: DVDRip, AVI, 608x352, 1254 kb/s
Audio: MP3, 2 ch, 128 kb/s
Size: 698 MB

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