Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Beichte einer Liebestollen / The Confession of a Nymphomaniac / Hay Country Swingers / Sabena / Confessions d'une fille vicieuse / Levres chaudes / Confessions of a Nympho / Alpenroschen im Dirndlhoschen (1971)


File info:
Categories: Explicit Erotic Comedy
Runtime: 01;19;39
Countries: West Germany
Languages: German
Directors: Alois Brummer
Cast: Karin Gotz, Johannes Buzalski, Sandra Reni

Sabine, a young, exceptionally beautiful child of the big city has enough of her parents' home and goes out into the "World". She meets a seemingly respectable gentleman, who invites her into his apartment. This gentleman and his wife teach Iusty Sabine joys of love. But even here her stay does not last - and of some experience richer, she seek her fortune in the country side. On the way to the village Fingerlingen she gets a lift from Stopsi, a young ne'er-do on the bike. After an adventurous ride and some failed lovemaking she reached the village and finds a job as a maid in a tavern. Soon she recognizes that there are not only chickens but also bulls in the country . Day and night she is busy to satisfy the sexual and sometimes unique needs of the country residents. All are after her : the innkeeper, who is always ready for an adventure - Toni, the village Casanova - the ZoIloberinspektor with his pronounced tendency for young luscious girl - Fiori, DorftrotteI and not at least the cosmetics saleswoman FräuIein Kuntze. Whether in the barn or elsewhere, Sabine's doing with everybody. But she´s not the only one who is lovelorn ! All women and girls of the village are infected by the bed baciIlus. This results in a series of complicated situations for Sabine that can be resolved only in the horizontaI.

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