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Was geschah wirklich mit Miss Jonas? & Der Teufel in Miss Jonas / What Really Happened to Miss Jonas & The Devil in Miss Jonas (1974-1976) [MISS JONAS DOUBLE EDITION]

File info:
Categories: Explicit Erotic Mysticism
Duration: 01;22;39 | 01;14;22
Countries: Switzerland
Languages (3 audio tracks): 1. Russian (AVO) | 2. German | 3. French
Directors: Erwin C. Dietrich (as Michael Thomas)
Cast: Christa Free, Marianne Dupont, Michel Jacot, Kurt Meinicke, Jurg Coray, Roman Huber

Was geschah wirklich mit Miss Jonas? (1974)
The first film of this double feature starts off with an opening credits sequence in which some jaunty music plays as the camera pans over a very naked Ms. Free standing atop one of those awesome white fun-fur rugs that pop up in most of Dietrich’s movies from this era. The camera moves up and down and Free looks confused, but from there we head to a nice country home where a man calls the Jim Bent detective agency. The cute blonde secretary gets Jim on the phone and he heads out to that home to meet with this prospective new client.

Der Teufel in Miss Jonas (1976)
The second half begins with a striking scene in which a beautiful buxom blonde named Marilyn has her head chopped off by some masked inquisitor types who have accused her of witchcraft. After her passing, she meets Satan himself, who tells her that she’s arrived a day ahead of schedule. She wants that day back not to make amends for her lusty life, but to indulge in whatever sexy kinks she can in her last twenty-four hours.

Video: DVDRip, MKV, AVC, H.264, 720x400, 1109 kb/s
Audio (3 audio tracks): AAC, 2 ch, 128 kb/s (1. Russian (AVO) | 2. German | 3. French)
Size: 879 MB | 791 MB

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