Friday, March 14, 2014

Uncut / UncuT: Member Only (2003)

File info:
Category: Soft Porn, Explicit Erotic Comedy
Runtime: 01;15;46
Country: Italy
Languages: Italian
Director: Gionata Zarantonello
Starring: Franco Trentalance, Cristina Mazzuzzi, Morena Ciotoli

As the Guinness Book of World Records has it, this strange little film from the Italian director Gionata Zarantonello is distinguished by at least one thing: It contains the longest single shot of a penis ever on film. That record breaking member belongs to Francesco Marelli, a piggish womanizing writer who is laid up in bed for the entire running time of the film with a fractured pelvis and a broken shin he sustained in a motorcycle accident. (Or maybe it was a fall from a horse. Or snowboarding. It all depends on who's asking). After a three week stay in the hospital, Francesco's now at home, confined to his bed for the next month and already thumbing through his scrapbook of sexual conquests looking for a lady to join him...

WARNING!!! Contains explicit sex and male genitals scenes.

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