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Notgeile Knastjulen Zur Unzucht Erzogen & Knastjulen 2: Zur Sau Gemacht (2004-2005)

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File info:
Category: S&M, Oral, Group, Toys, Solo, Lesbians...etc.
Runtime: 1. [01;42;27] | 2. [01;46;06]
Country: Germany
Languages: Musical Accompaniment, German
Director: Andreas Bethmann (as A.M. Bertucci)
Starring: Heiko Bender, Florian Bunke, Sara Drake, Fabienne Gille

Notgeile Knastjulen Zur Unzucht Erzogen (2004)
The psychologies Jennifer Walters, although inmates in a women's jail for good behavior, but may exert internally their profession, and move freely within the complex. About the conditions in this prison less than enthusiastic, she listens to it in meetings, the hair-raising stories of a young girl named Anna, is that because of severe depression in her treatment. Then get it to light stories that are not jederfraus thing. Jennifer analyzes the conditions and documented torture, rape, homosexuality and sex orgies. In addition, Jennifer is very fond of the girl and wants to help her.

Knastjulen 2: Zur Sau Gemacht (2005)
Events at the Frauenknast Prison have taken a turn for the worse. The abuse from the guars is escalating and prisoner therapist Jennifer Walter seems to be losing the battle in helping out her fellow prisoners. She begins treating a new prisoner, Anna, and a bond is quickly formed. Jennifer is becoming emotionally attached to the young prisoner who is repeatedly abused and Jennifer feels helpless...

Video: DVDRip, AVI, 512x384, ~830 kb/s
Audio: MP3, 2 ch, 113 kb/s
Size: 1. [699 MB] | 2. [698 MB]

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