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Chained Girls & Daughters of Lesbos (1965-1968)

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File info:
Category: Soft Porn, Exploitation, B-movie, Lesbians
Runtime: 01;00;49 | 01;01;52
Country: USA
Languages: English | Russian
Director: Joseph P. Mawra, Peter Woodcock

"Unnatural love of women for women! A daring film about lesbianism today!" "Do you know the difference between "the Bull Dyke, the Stomping Bitch, and the Baby Butch?" If not, then immediately watch Chained Girls, an outrageous expose of the Lesbian Gay Scene of the Sixties, and learn the True Facts about these she-wolves who prowl the streets of Manhattan after dark! See: "The Secret Haunts and Mysterious Life of the Lesbian!" "A Young Deb making Her Debut as a Daughter of Lesbos by being Subjected to the Most Shocking and Horror-Filled Initiation Ever Imagined!" Yes, it's exactly the kind of serious sociological statement you'd expect from the makers of Glen or Glenda? and Olga's House of Shame. Plus, join Dominique and her galpals for a special meeting of the Daughters of Lesbos, "a lesbian organization dedicated to the proposition that women are superior beings." After Helga gets it on with a counselor at a girl's camp, Dominique splashes in a tub with a pretty young playmate, and "female stud" Maxine makes it with a hippie hitchhiker."

Video: DVDRip, AVI, 704x544, 1603 kb/s
Audio 1: Russian (AC3, 2 ch, 192 kb/s)
Audio 2: English (AC3, 2 ch, 224 kb/s)
Sizes: 870 MB | 875 MB

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